Monster Tit Mary

Monster Tit Mary exposes her huge black tits.
Eye Color: Black.
Hair Color: Black but it can change depending on my mood.
Shoe Size: 8.
Measurements: 40H-38-42
Height: 5’3”
Nationality: African American
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian
Age: 31

My name is Mary. I am known as Monster Tit Mary and I am a single black female aspiring to be an main stream actress. I am a mother, and only because the father of my child was a sperm donor. Just kidding! We actually fucked but now I prefer women. I love being in-front of the camera and actually masturbate and orgasm looking at my own photos and videos. Sounds sort of decadent, right? I just get-off on my-self. What can I say.

Enjoy my photos and videos. I did! The hand job videos are the best.

Kiss! Kiss!


One Response to Monster Tit Mary

  1. Frank says:

    You are so, so beautifull!!


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